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Movie Night-In Plan

Let me plan your classic movie night in for you. Just tell me a little bit about the night in you want, and your personal tastes and let me do the rest. Perfect for Valentine’s Day ♥️🥂♥️

Transport your lover back to the romance of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Each classic movie night in includes:-

A double feature (that compliment each other, same or multi genre), plus a swapsie, in case you’ve seen or just don’t fancy one of the main choices.

Ways to watch, legally, online.

A printable drinking game based on your movie.

A printable classic movie quiz or trivia Card.

A printable classic movie bingo card.

Suggestions for drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic with recipes) and snacks.

Discussion ideas.

Just tell me:-

Your favourite genre/s (or the genre/s you want for your night in)

Your favourite movie in that genre (modern or classic)

What type of night is it? Romantic, girls/boys night, family?

Movie trivia or quiz?

Silent film – yay or nay?

All this done for you for £5.

Once I’ve received payment via PayPal, I’ll email you to go into detail and plan your night in.

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