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Beginners Please was created to record the journey made by me, Madame Arkadina, during my self study of the craft of acting. Training myself might be quite a lonely route initially and I want somewhere to keep my thoughts and to reach out to the theatrical community. So here’s that way:


In these pages you will find a selection of quotes, thoughts, thoeries, decisions, techniques, ramblings (there will be a lot of idiotic ramblings), insights, stupidity, lists, hopes, fears and failings. Failings most of all.


All comments, discussion and constructive criticisim of my thoughts and methodologies is welcomed.


Tech Details:

This site is proudly hosted by the excellent carbon neutral host Dreamhost and if you happen to be looking for a domain name then I highly recommend Namecheap for low cost and quality service.


The random quotes that show up on the main blog page are housed, in their entirety over here: On Acting

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