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… a voyage of discovery through knowledge, enlightenment and technique; a log of notes and experiences. The hopes and progress of Madame Arkadina.

Mini Profile:
Name: Madame Arkadina
Location: UK
Position: Actress-in-training
Method: Utilising the web, and other multi media, to further her study of her craft. Such as keeping records (see my current film List).


Brief Bio:
Madame Arkadina worked as an actress for 5 years while in her teens before making the decision to be ‘sensible’ and pursue other things for more than a decade. Having never managed to reconcile her life-choice with her vocation, she is now relearning her trade and re-connecting with her soul.


General: Improvisation, Devising, Neutral Mask Work, Animal Work, Horse-Riding (proficient), First Aid Certificate.
Dance: Ballet, Stage Dance, Street Jazz.
Singing: Mezzo.
Accents: Norfolk, RP, Liverpool, Southern Irish, Northern Irish, Rural Oxfordshire, Northern, Standard American and Cockney.
Languages studied: French, German, Italian, Latin and Russian.


Find me online:
* Twitter – Follow my training tweets.
SoundCloud – Hear me practice and improve. Mainly poetry but also other random sight readings. 
Instagram – Inspriational piccies. 
Periscope – Only just beginning to use, but loving the platform. 
* Goodreads – My complete theatrical viewing/working history.
* Youtube – My video viewing, all of it theatrically-minded.
* Flixter – My movie-viewing habits.
* 43 Things – My goals in life.


Other Lists: (yes, I love a list)

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How to Do Accents
The History of Theatre
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