I’ve curated a list of the resources I personally use (or have used) to improve my skills. I’ve used far more than this but these are the ones I’d whoeleheartedly recommend. I’ve even added the tools I use to run this site at the end, in case you’re interested.


Ross Grant’s Bulletproof Actor: Unstoppable Confidence; Infinite Success.

New intake several times a year. Ross runs Act On This TV and is hugely motivational. His course gets right to the heart of things that have been holding back and given me the skills I need to challenge my perceptions and the prejudices I’ve had against myself.

Amy Jo Berman (Ultimate Audition Prep QuickStart)

A former US casting director, Amy Jo Berman knows what it takes to book jobs in tv and film. She has a variety of courses to help in different areas of an actors life and she does awesome, info packed free webinars!

Felicia Ricci’s 360° Singing Transformation (sadly no longer available :,( )

Felicia has recently stopped being the Voice Finder to persue her own musical talents, much to the loss of singing students everywhere but the gain of music fans around the world. You can still view a lot of lessons on YouTube though. Here’s a great playlist

How To Do Accents by Edda Sharp and Jan Hayden Rowles

This is a comprehensive guide to mastering any accent. It’s practical with east to follow instructions and comes with a CD to help with examples. Highly recommend. Available from Amazon.

Screen Acting by Mel Churcher

Acting coach and former actress Mel Churcher specialises in tv and film acting and offers in person workshops, tremendous advice on twitter as well as this book which comes with a handy DVD so you can see how it all hangs together. Available from Amazon.

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Reedsy, a website I reference frequently, is a site dedicated to the professional development of authors. It provides education on all matters publication, help with craft as well as the weekly prompts I keep talking about.


National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo), is a site with one aim: to challenge you to get that manuscript written. Originally a challenge to write a 50,000 word novella in November it expanded to include scripts and now has several online writing camps throughout the year for writers to come together for encouragement and inspiration. It has a great community too.


A recent graduate of a creative writing degree in Canada, Shaelin shares useful tips and thoughtful, and thought provoking, insights into the writing process on her YouTube Channel.

Jerry B. Jenkins

The prolific novelist regularly offers advice and encouragement to writers of all levels and stages through his website JerryJenkins.com and on his YouTube Channel.

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