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The more work I do the larger my wishlist of things (would it be unreasonable to call them “resources”?) become. Omitting the big stuff, like 3 years at Drama School, here’s a realisic list of the achievable. (Well realistic-ish).

  1. Video Camera (Probably most important as I need to see what I’m doing)
  2. Tripod (Can’t do everything one-handed or bent over to table height)
  3. Microphone (Be nice not to have to shout at computor)
  4. Playing Shakespeare – John Barton
  5. Tea With Trish
  6. The Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD – David Carey and Rebecca Clark Carey
  7. What’s My Motivation? – Michael Simkin
  8. Actions: The Actor’s Thesaurus – Terry Johnson
  9. The BBC Acting Series: The Complete Six DVD Set
  10. Acting in Film [DVD]

Think I need some work.

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