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Marlene Dietrich was, I think, the classic movie star whose work lead me down the glorious Golden Age of Hollywood rabbit hole. She was my gate-way drug, you could say. There was a big season of her films on tv when I was young and I couldn’t get enough of them. I seem to recall loving ‘Dishonoured’ so much I wore out the old vhs tape I had. Yep that’s how long ago it is. It’s a pre-code movie so undoubtedly bonkers – a lot were – and I haven’t seen it in well over two decades (omg😱) so I can’t vouch for how well it would hold up to a modern audience. I really must watch it again.

Anyway, Dietrich moved from Germany to the USA to further her career with Josef Von Sternberg and she spoke out against Hitler long before war broke out when it probably wasn’t in her best interests to do so. She was an accomplished musician, playing the violin and musical saw(!) and spend the latter part of her career travelling the world as a cabaret singer. She was also fluent in three languages! Oh and the rumours she and Greta Garbo had an affair while they were in the movie ‘Joyless Street’ are untrue. Sorry, to burst that bubble, but the actress into whose arms Garbo’s character faints was a known Austrian actress and I wish I could remember her name. Maria Forescu is ringing a bell but it may not be the right bell. A quick google only yielded the Dietrich rumour (why? Internet? Why?). Since so few of the parts are credited on IMDb here’s the full cast listed on Public Domain Movies, where you can also watch the film for free!

What Would Marlene Dietrich Do? Emerald two tone mug

Aand, this is my little homage to the great lady. Why green? Because, although I don’t know what Dietrich’s favourite colour was, I do know she liked her her emeralds. Do you like the mug? As a multi-talented, accomplished and always immaculately turned out, wondering what Marlene Dietrich would do in a situation is the sort of question I feel would give interesting results.

Fancy giving it a go yourself? You can buy the mug over in my Etsy shop.