Camp Lessons

Camp Lessons
It’s nearly the end of May and Camp NaNoWriMo is well and truly over. I wrote about my preparations for the month in April is the Camp-est Month, which seems like a long time ago. One thing that surprised me was that 30 days of concentrated noveling has left me neglecting this blog but I’m back and I am with lesson. Here’s what I learnt from completing my first ever writing marathon where I set my own goal - officially. I work well when I have a small stretch goal.I’ve always set myself either lofty goals or ones that are small before. When they’re too lofty I’m so uncomfortably aware that I’m unlikely to reach it that everything feels hopeless so what’s the point. When they’re too small, they feel like they’re not even worth going after. So, this time I made a goal somewhere in the middle. And I hit my word count goal every single day! Why didn’t I think of it before? And with a plan.I’ve always thought I was a pantser. And I do still love discovery writing, I can’t imagine starting a project without a good chunk of discovery-based fun. But I realised that as ...


The Bombshell who fought Bombs with her mind

The Bombshell who fought Bombs with her mind
Hedy Lamarr was an incredible woman. In fact she's the reason I'm able to post this blog to my website and you're able to read it. Yes, she was an inventor and responsible for wifi. She invented the concept of packet switching during the Second World War, although I believe it had a different name then. Born in Austria, Hedy fled the Nazi occupied country in the middle of the night (or so goes the story) and wound up under contract in Hollywood. Her beauty combined with the riské content of one of her early Austrian films, Ecstasy, meant she was typecast and not given much of a chance to develop as an actress. But that didn't stop her developing her mind: she had a small silence lab on set and worked at inventions while shooting. All her life, in fact coming up with many inventions including one to help the US war effort. Unfortunately, her Austrian roots led to her being regared with suspicion by the America government and neither she, nor her collaborator, ever earnt a thing for their invention and she wasn't even recognised for it until about 50 years later! Among many other things inventor's mind ...
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