April is the Camp-est Month, Image of Camping for Camp NaNoWriMo prep blog post at

It’s time for my first Camp NaNoWriMo.

I’ve participated in November NaNoWriMo, (National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated) on and off for years but never the camp.

I’m not even that certain about how it differs from normal Nano. I think it’s something about setting your own goal, but I’ve been taking the rebel route from my start with NaNoWriMo so I’m not sure where this will be different.

Except the lovely little word counter thing over at the official website. I love that thing. I find it so motivational.

Except cabins. As this is my first camp it’ll also be my first time in a cabin. I’m actually pretty excited about that bit. I’ve found one all about the era my current WIP is set and I reckon it’ll be really helpful to be on the same journey with a group of others.

So how am I planning for camp?

It’s all new, so I’m going to use the same plan as the one I use for November, with a few modifications.

The Plan

🔘 Find Cabin. – The forums have made that very easy.

🔘 Request to Join

🔘 Figure out where the invitation is and join properly.

⚪️ Decide time I’ll be writing (or aiming to write).

🔘 Decide Project. – Return of Project: Rose

🔘 Announce Project.

🔘 Decide what I want to achieve in April. – I’m aiming for 15,000 words

🔘 Officially set goal.

⚪️ Gather inspiration and motivation (sites, quotes etc) for when the going gets tough.

⚪️ Make sure all my writing materials are together (I really only write digitally, so everything’s on my device but I want to make sure I’ve got everything in one folder and in the cloud.)

⚪️ Make Playlist (possibly, I can’t write with music in the background so this one may be for use in non-writing moments)

⚪️ Make Pinterest character board.

⚪️ Last minute Research?

There’s still so much to do and we have less than a week!

I’ve never actually written that list down before, so I may have missed a few things off.

Drop a comment below to tell me what you find motivational when you’re writing?

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