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Actor Challenges: Part 2

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Part 2 of Paul Brighton, of Audition Portal marvellous Actor’s Challenges, that I’m attempting.

  • Get physical. Crawl around from room to room & pretend you’re escaping a bad situation. Act with intent.
  • To be a good actor means to be simple & articulate. You must trust your instincts and the real thing will happen.
  • Auditioning? Expect the unexpected. Taking Improv classes will help with relaxing & adjusting at an audition.
  • Observe & learn things you’d never do. You never know when you’ll be asked to ride a bull or line dance!
  • Study mannerisms & accents. Add diversity to your CV.
  • Videotape your favorite monologue and show a fellow actor. Be open-minded for critique.
  • Today, sit in park or in town and talk to yourself, aloud! How do others react?
  • Study Children this weekend. Watch them laugh, cry, walk. Emulate their body movements & mannerisms.
  • What is your physical destination in a role. What is your body doing while you wait? Study yourself.
  • Does your character have a history? Why are they mad, happy, or confident? Imagine or create a past.
  • What if you were asked to act on green screen? Can you? Practice talking to a bottle of shampoo! Should be fun!
  • Watch a movie from your favorite actor. Pick a scene and play it as the opposite gender. Should be interesting!
  • Mood change. Start the day happy. At noon change your mood to quiet & pensive. Make sure others notice.
  • Prepare clothes for work tomorrow that are uncharacteristic.Treat it like a dress rehearsal. Play that role!
  • Write an original monologue about something you care about. Casting Directors will love it.
  • When making your bed, observe your body, your feet shuffling, & the order in which you do things. Take mental notes.
  • Observe people walking. How do they differ? Do they limp, swagger, strut or sway? Pay attention & ask why.
  • Walk & Talk. Uta Hagen says you have to move when you read lines. Involve your body. Let action happen naturally.
  • Memorize lines easily. Employ Sight, Sound & feeling. Re-write them, recite & record them.Think like the character.
  • Tell an exaggerated story. Something totally made up. Slow motion that moment. Study their faces.
  • Have an imaginary conversation on your cell phone, in public today. Throw in an accent for good measure!
  • Could you play the opposite sex, not only for comic relief? Today is dress-up day! Be ready for that role.
  • An actors body is a vessel for communication. The healthier you are the more you can say. Take Yoga!
  • Listen to head-bobbing music on headphones on a train or subway, get super animated-observe reactions.

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