2019 has been … a year. It’s not been great, for a lot of us. But amidst the chaos I have achieved a few things.

💎 Returned to acting & resurrecting this site.

Sort of. I’m recording poetry readings again, for instance Edna St Vincent Millay’s Time Does Not Bring Relief. I’m still not in a position to take the steps forward I’ve wanted to (life being a bitch that kicked me in the ass. Again.) but I am still beavering away behind those curtains, studying, honing my craft and trying not to fall into the trap of overthinking. Yeah, um, so I guess I failed there then ;)

💎 Finished The Fall of the Virgin and sent it to my first beta reader.

At bloody last. Seriously, it’s taken me an age to get to the end. And by that I mean a decent end I’m not embarrassed by. I got to an end years ago but somehow got stuck trying to force an ending on the story that just didn’t fit simply because it was what I’d planned. Lesson learnt. Serve the story and nothing else.

💎 Drafted THTK.

My NaNoWriMo project. A full length playscript in 30 days. A mystery/thriller – something I’ve never written before. A complex structure with Act 2 rigidly following Act 1 from another perspective – detailed planning/outlining would definitely have been an advantage here. It would certainly have saved me a heap of trouble in the edits. Which I am now dreading because of this. Buuut I hit my goal (with significantly more wordage than my first script) by day 23 so had time left over so I …

💎 Wrote my first short story.

Not a genre I’d really given that much thought to before and the end result is a complete mess. Seriously, you really can’t discovery write an historical piece. Bad idea. Don’t do it. But even with all that, I loved it. I loved writing it. Outlining it. Everything. I really want to write more and that feels like a gift of a discovery. NaNoWriMo rocked this year for me.

💎 Set a goal of watching 200 movies this year … and did it!

Jeez. That’s all I have to say about this goal. Actually, no it isn’t I have do much to say I’ve written a whole other post about that … erm … adventure. You can read all about the Lessons I learnt from 200 Movies in a Year in this post..

💎 Set up an Etsy shop.

After months (oh, okay, years) of procrastinating and fretting I finally opened my little classic movie-based Etsy store. And, what’s more, I’m living running it.

What was your biggest accomplishment of 2019?