I appear to have fallen into a writing slump.

I usually have a bit of a NaNo hangover and vowed that this year I would counter it by deliberately taking December off from writing and getting back into a similar routine in January. Well, we’re at the beginning of February and I’ve written 800 words and edited zilch. Even attending YouTube write-ins hadn’t fixed it.

I think it’s a Momentum problem. I got myself into a nice groove during November and by taking a break those sacrosanct times have been filled with other tasks. Some important, others trivial.

As if to taunt myself with my own habits the film thing is still happening. Last year I set myself the task to see 200 films in 12 months and over the course of the year I got myself into a routine that’s still going strong. Seriously, I’m having to force myself out of the habits of movie watching.

So how am I going tomget out of it? Well, I’ve made a plan. Did you think I wouldn’t? 😉

Public accountability

Yep, that’s you. By posting here I am officially announcing that my the end of February I will have edited at least two scenes of THTK or written at least 2000 words.


I’m going to have a go at writing a short story (about 1000-3000 words) based on one of the weekly Reedsy Prompts. That way I’ll be taken away from my usual stories into unchartered territory. I hope the excitement will drag me out of my slump.

Adjust the Word Count

I’m wondering if I’ve still been judging myself by November’s NaNoWriMo standards. For lots of people I know, smashing a 1667 a day goal is an easy task, for me that amount is monumental – I think pretty slowly and I do edit as I go along (I’m a sloppy typer with a ferocious auto-correct) which does slow me down. So I’m setting myself a small word count goal. Nothing lofty, it’s only aim is get me back into the habit of writing. So there it is: 100 words a day. Tiny, Snails pace writing goals.

How do you tackle your writing slumps?