After what is arguably the most bizarre year in living memory, a new year has finally dawned and now it’s time to set a few goals and intentions for 2021*.

💎 Writing

Edit THTK.

Yep, it’s the same as last year, I want to edit that d*** play. I’ve got two scenes that I know I messed up badly in the first draft and I’m not going to lie, the level of developmental edits needed to whip them into shape is daunting me.


I’d like to get more feedback, on both The Fall and this one. Which means I’ll have to be brave and start asking people to read my play. *eeek*.


I’m also hoping to submit my play to more theatres again this year. I’ve only found one where it doesn’t violate the companies terms, which makes my play sound way more sexy than it is — it’s often deemed inadmissible because it’s set in the past, that’s it, so I’d like to find more venues/producers who are prepared to look at historical stories, specifically Ancient Rome. If you know anyone, please drop me a message or leave a comment below.

💎 Acting

I want to continue my Snapchat series, hopefully improving as I go.

I want to be consistent on TikTok. Although editing me is having a tiny freak out at the prospect of the work that goes into a TikTok video.

💎 Site

I want to continue growing this site, to have the most visitors I’ve ever had. I was close this year but off by about 100, so that’s an achievable increase, right? Hopefully being consistent with posting will help with that. As well as being more imaginative and creative with the posts I write.

💎 Other Creative Goals.


I’m going to add 100 movies to my list again this year. Just because.


My reading goal for the year is going to be the number I read this year: 17.


I’d like to add another song to my guitar repertoire, this time a lead.

What about you, do you have plans for this year?

*All goals and intentions subject to change without notice.