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So with my review of 2021 in mind, what are my goals for 2022?

Well I’m paring back.

I’m going to focus on my biz, which is my movie related Silver Screen Sass Squad, and anything that happens on the writing/acting side is gravy.

I’d still like to get feedback on The Fall. And, if I can find a better way to do it, create more Snapchat stories – but I’m happy to create them sporadically and on the fly this year, rather than in planned out episodic stories.

As for my creative goals, I want to continue with the 100 movies goal and I think I’ll raise my reading goal to 20 books. Both are aims I think I can meet

Business Goals look a little different to last years. I want to finish setting up my e-commerce website, turn 52 Films into a double feature thing, create an app, expand my product line, expand my outlet, grow my following and email list and oh my goodness the list goes on. It’s really exciting, if a little overwhelming.

Wow! I really am paring back. That was a short one!

What is one big, audacious goal that you’re wanting to work on in 2022?

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